Rebuilding the blog

Over the years I’ve written many blog posts, most of which were done before the term “blog” even existed.  I started writing articles in HTML on my personal web site, but maintaining that over the long term was a lot of work and eventually I stopped doing it.  Then I set up a WordPress site on my web server and maintained it and the PHP installation on Apache pretty well until I switched hosting providers and moved to nginx.  I’ve written a few things on LinkedIn and for technical journals, but the thing I miss most is how much and how often I used to write.  Writing requires taking abstract ideas and formulating them into some sort of sensible structure that makes them explainable and interesting.  Like most things in life, it’s a skill that requires practice to maintain.  Writing is an important yet often unappreciated skill that I need to work on again, so it’s time to resurrect some old ideas and get them down on virtual paper.

It’s time to rebuild the blog.


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